K.L.R.S. is the new revolutionary system that cleans PCR tire molds by using a combination of four latest-generation technologies designed by Keymical: laser, resonance, 3D vision system and 2D vision system based on artificial intelligence.
The 3D vision system captures the geometry of the mold and develops cleaning recipes; the resonance system cleans automatically more than 85% of the blocked spring-vents of the molds working simultaneously with the laser scanning head, which is moved by a 6-axis anthropomorphic robot that cleans the mold surface without increasing its roughness. At the end of the process, a 2D vision system based on artificial intelligence provides the operator with information about the spring-vents that need manual cleaning.
All recipes are saved to a database that can be interfaced with the one existing in the plant in order to maintain record of all past operations. Remote access ensures a constant support by Keymical in case of need.


K.L.S. is a machine especially developed to satisfy the cleaning needs of molds that do need to benefit from resonance technology.
It is equipped with an optical fiber laser and with a 6-axis anthropomorphic robot that guides the laser scanning head by following the geometry of the mold captured by the 3D vision system. This combination ensures an optimal metal surface cleaning, which is effective even on parts that are difficult to reach, without damaging them.
It is suitable for the surface treatment of PCR molds without spring-vents and, more generally, for any kind of mold used in industrial sectors.


K.R.S. is a machine designed for the automatic cleaning of spring-vents on tire molds that combines two patented technologies of Keymical: resonance system and 2D vision system.
It is based on the integration both of a system aimed at identifying the resonance point of the molds and of a vibration transmission system that opens the spring-vents. It is also made of a 2D vision system based on artificial intelligence that allows with an accuracy of more than 97% to recognize which spring-vents will possibly need to be unblocked by the operator at the end of the process. This is the perfect solution to reduce manual inspections and cleaning operations with manual ultrasonic tools.


K.L.S.+.R. is a special machine designed for the cleaning of PCR tire molds and for the automatic cleaning of spring-vents.
Unlike the most comprehensive system named K.L.R.S., it does not include the 2D vision system based on artificial intelligence; therefore, no mapping of blocked spring-vents is provided at the end of the cleaning process.
However, it combines laser and resonance technologies with a 3D vision system delivering outstanding results both in terms of non-abrasive mold cleaning and of efficient and accurate spring-vents unblocking.

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