Keymical is an American multinational corporation whose headquarters are located in Wilmington, USA. Keymical is engaged globally and has offices and factories in USA and Europe. The main activities of Keymical include the design, manufacturing, sale and technical assistance of eco-friendly mechanical and chemical technologies for metal and compound materials, as well as cleaning systems and metal surface treatment systems.
Keymical designs and manufactures machines for metal cleaning and treatment by means of laser systems, resonance systems and vision systems with very high resolution. 
Keymical owns different international patents. Among them, the main important and famous are:

1) KLRS (Keymical Laser Resonance System), which is used for mold cleaning in the tire manufacturing industry and boasts integrated abilities including the automatic unblocking of spring vents and the visual recognition of spring vents that are still blocked after the cleaning treatment.

2) UMCS (Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning System), which is the ultrasonic mold cleaning system for the glass and sole industry.

Keymical manufactures environment-friendly chemical technologies.
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